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Xperience Pinehurst Resort – “America’s first golf resort”

Having a legacy as “America’s first golf resort,” and where the American’s golf identity is rooted, Pinehurst prides itself on its rich and pedigreed heritage within the community. Along with that communally shared identity comes a highly sought after location not only for the game but also for the memory making. If you look to know about Pinehurst, they’ll tell you stories and memories rather than a timeline of events. Perhaps in that way, their motto “Timeless as the game that inspired it,” rings more true in Pinehurst than it could almost anywhere else.

Among the stories of Pinehurst is one which underscores its status as a kingmaker; aptly titled “Before they were Masters”. NC REALTORS® is planning to capitalize on Pinehurst’s reputation during the annual XCHANGE’19 conference with our theme of “Where Leaders Become Legends.” Where better to host? Centrally located in North Carolina, Pinehurst is easily accessible from anywhere in the state. A request that was a top priority for a majority of our members, the location and prominence of Pinehurst will have an allure for members and non-members alike, encouraging a record number of attendees.

For more than 50 years NC REALTORS® has been hosting a Convention and Expo which features educational sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, and dozens of committee and Board meetings. Don’t miss the affordable, important, and exceptional opportunity to learn, lead, and excel at Pinehurst and XCHANGE’19.

We find it very rewarding when REALTORS® throughout the state acknowledge our contribution to their meetings each year. I would like to sincerely thank NC REALTORS® for the opportunity and exposure that has been created for our business as a result of sponsorships.

Paula Payne, President
Systems Engineering, Inc.
NC REALTORS® Sponsor, Exhibitor