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Don’t miss out on any Convention information! Download our Yapp App on your mobile device to stay up-to-date with everything related to Convention, including schedule updates, speakers, social convos, maps, event photos, and more. Visit this link to download the app:

Create an account

An account is required if you want to use the special features on the app. Here is how to set up an account:

1.    Tap the person icon on the top left.

2.    You can either use your Facebook login or create an account.

3.    If you want to create an account, fill in the fields on the screen and tap the Create Account button.

4.    You must agree to the Terms & Privacy to complete the process.

5.    You also have the opportunity to add a photo.

App Features

My Schedule

You can create a personalized schedule with the “My Schedule” feature. Each schedule item will have a button to add that item to “My Schedule.”  You can see your personalized schedule by tapping on the My Schedule icon on the top right of any schedule or multi-track schedule page.

You also have the ability to rate each schedule item.

News Feed

Connect with fellow attendees and communicate on the go. You can post text and photos from your mobile device.  To post from your phone or tablet, tap the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then enter your message or photo.

Also, keep an eye out for notifications from this page when there is an important announcement.

Social Feed

The Social Feed is like your own private Facebook right inside of Yapp.  Post your own picture or update; like and comment on others’ posts. Below, are some things to know about the Social Feed page on your phone:

  • To post, like, or comment, you will need to identify yourself. In order to do so, when first trying to post you will be asked to sign up or login to a Yapp account. (See above)
  • You can edit or delete your own posts and comments.
  • If you have your push notifications in the app set to “All”, you will receive the following notifications for Social Feed: (i) When another user posts a comment; (ii) when another user likes or comments on your post; (iii) when another user likes or comments on a post you have commented on.


Post on your Twitter feed using the hashtag #XCHANGE19 and it will appear on this page.